Software - Vice-President Human Resources - Toronto


About the Company

Our client is a leading global provider of innovative technology and services to large enterprises. Ontario-based and publicly traded, the firm is well known for its entrepreneurial culture and profitable, consistent growth. The company's award-winning products and services are the cornerstones of this growth.

Recently, our client announced a major, bold acquisition, in the process radically transforming itself and its market position. The firm is now a major player in its sector with almost 2000 employees in locations around the world. Furthermore, the acquisition is expected to be but a precursor of others to come as our client strives for further growth in a consolidating sector.

Scope of Position

The newly created role of VP Human Resources will be responsible for cultivating a global working environment which attracts, effectively deploys, motivates and retains the company’s human capital. This will include guiding and supporting the company’s operating business on all HR matters while meeting the desired corporate business goals for profitably and growth.

Reporting to the President & CEO, the VP Human Resources will act as a strategic business partner to the company’s executive, board and management leadership teams. The VP Human Resources will assume responsibility for developing the human capital strategies, plans and policies required to position the company as a “Best in Class” employer of choice. The incumbent will work in partnership with the CEO to ensure the company maintains its entrepreneurial culture, while developing the appropriate strategic HR plans, strategies, policies and guidelines required to meet the needs of an almost 2000 person strong global workforce. The VP Human Resources will lead and direct the current HR organization in the development of employee attraction/retention strategies, ensuring they are aligned across the organization. The incumbent will also architect and drive the company’s compensation strategy as well as overall approach to short and long term performance incentives, benefits and pensions. The Corporate VP HR will also lead activities related to employee relations, health and safety, employee training, labour negotiations (union and non-union), and employee related legal compliance.

Functional Tasks

  • Participate as an executive team member on strategy and business planning. Serve as both a business and HR voice in those discussions. Translate those strategic decisions into HR strategies and plans.
  • Partner with executive and senior management to identify and address the critical HR needs of the overall business organization and achieve an effective long range HR strategy.
  • Provide leadership and guidance to the HR management team to deliver and support the corporate HR strategy required to support the company’s overall strategic business plans for profitability and growth
  • Develop, manage and codify market competitive compensation strategy to ensure talent attraction and retention while managing costs
  • Provide leadership on ongoing corporate culture initiatives, striking a balance between the needs for urgency and entrepreneurial drive with the needs of a global, diverse company. Codify and support corporate values in areas such as, education, innovation, integrity, ethics, and fair treatment of people
  • Develop human resource planning models to identify appropriate competency, knowledge and talent gaps and develop specific strategies to fill the gaps
  • Oversee overall HR budget and key metrics related to the company’s human capital
  • Consult with CEO and ensure that corporate compensation issues are being addressed
  • Consult with executives on issues related to organizational effectiveness, employee performance, training and development, health and benefits, employee relations
  • Maintain keen awareness of world class HR trends and conditions in the industry and the required leadership development tools relative to the needs of the company’s business
  • Develop strategies and processes for unionized and work council contract negotiations with realistic decisions on strategies, plans and timelines
  • Develop and drive talent management strategy using succession planning methodology as key contributor for management positions
  • Help build and facilitate the development of strong relationships and synergies within all areas of the company including, key customers, suppliers and technical partners, in order to better achieve the corporation’s business goals and objectives
  • Develop HR programs and identify key HR metrics to analyze and solve business problems that impact organizational capabilities (improve sales, support services cycle times, reduce costs, and help increase profitability). Evaluate technology solutions to improve human resources data systems management. Develop, effectively manage and integrate International HR policies and programs.


Key Performance Deliverables

In light of the identified responsibilities, the following are specific deliverables that the position is designed to achieve.

  • Key performance measures will be discussed and agreed upon with the successful candidate.

Competency Profile

The following competencies listed below define the role of - VP Human Resources at our client.

Role Expertise
Demonstrates critical technical or professional knowledge/skills related to the role. Has thorough knowledge of relevant products, services and methods. Expands technical knowledge/skills and keeps up-to-date in own area of expertise.

Commercial Acumen
Applies appropriate commercial and financial principles. Understands situations in terms of costs, profits, added-value and return on investment. Appreciates the commercial impact of own work on the organization's total expenses and revenues.

Results Orientation
Focuses strongly on achieving agreed upon outcomes and ensures that key objectives are met. Conveys a sense of urgency and drives issues to closure. Aims to improve upon past performance. Establishes aggressive personal targets and strives to achieve them.

Strategic Approach
Develops a strategic plan to realize the vision. Revises strategy in light of changing circumstances. Takes a long-term view of organizational success. Works to clarify long term organizational goals. Able to stand back from immediate problems in order to focus on more far reaching ideas.

Articulates the key points of an argument persuasively. Negotiates skillfully and convinces others to own point of view. Directly and indirectly impacts the decisions/opinions of others. Mobilizes people into action.

Team Skills
Helps to create a sense of team spirit and harmonious relations through cooperation and support. Balances personal goals with those of the team. Fosters collaboration among team members.

People Management
Establishes and communicates clear priorities and sense of direction. Clarifies roles and responsibilities. Adapts management style to achieve optimum results.

Leading Change
Recognizes when change is necessary. Challenges the status quo and champions new initiatives. Acts as a catalyst to change and stimulates others to change. Develops an effective action plan to implement change and monitors results.

Information Seeking
Consults widely for business or technical advice, probes for facts and obtains information from a wide variety of sources. Differentiates the critical from the irrelevant or trivial.



Preferred Experience / Education

The following indicates specific industry, academic and functional experience/qualifications that are important to the successful achievement of the identified responsibilities and performance deliverables. 


  • A results and detail oriented senior business executive with a minimum of 10 years experience in the HR management in a global, publicly traded industrial /manufacturing/ technology services company of related size and number of employees.
  • Bachelors degree with advance accreditation in human resources or business management, (MS, MBA, MIR, MHR).
  • Experience with corporate acquisitions and the integration of International corporate business cultures.
  • Experience in communicating and presenting progressive HR strategies and plans to senior directors and CEO. Ability to support ideas and plans with appropriate facts and data.
  • Proven track record of success in Core HR competencies including, employee relations, compensation, benefits, recruitment, organizational performance, training, safety and International employment practices.
  • Proven ability to effectively manage departmental costs.
  • The ability to thrive in dynamic, rapid paced, high growth, B to B services environments.
  • A straight forward operating style, transparent, pragmatic and non-hierarchical.

Remuneration & Benefits 

Competitive base salary and variable compensation package structured to attract the best candidate