The Art and Science of Executive Search

Executive search combines the knowledge and experience of expert consultants with the latest methodology and resources. The StoneWood executive search team draws on years of accumulated experience and an exceptional collection of tools and technologies when it comes to selecting and developing the leadership talent that will fit your situation, aspirations and corporate culture.

Our success lies in understanding your unique needs before applying our carefully crafted selection process. Using the StoneWood Profile Builder™, we work with you to establish a detailed picture of your ideal candidate. Our leading consultants then use a combination of knowledge, networking, databases and online tools to compile an executive shortlist. We invest extensively in data, compiling intelligence from over ten global sources, and our international executive search alliance, Access Search Partners, gives us unparalleled insight into the global candidate pool. In addition, our far-sighted behavioural-based interview techniques, developed with leading industrial psychologists, consistently identify exceptional candidates.

We believe strongly in the importance of integration, so our involvement isn’t limited to executive search and selection. We follow up at regular intervals to check on performance and, once the successful candidate assumes the new role, we shift our focus to this integration period. We can also introduce our clients to innovative online tools like StoneWood’s 360° to Success to help develop leadership skills throughout the entire executive team.

When an organization engages the services of StoneWood Group, we do everything possible to ensure a unique client experience. StoneWood clients are closely involved in every stage of the search and selection process, and we have developed online tracking tools so that you can follow your search and give feedback to your StoneWood consultant that will influence its direction. Using the StoneWood Search Tracker™, you will have a clear picture of progress at every stage of your executive search.