Developing Effective Leadership Skills

We Predict Job Performance

StoneWood has researched and developed a dedicated Management Appraisal practice to evaluate the “human capital” in organizations. Our leadership development experts combine validated behavioral assessment and developmental tools with an understanding of the skills and experiences required for success.

Leadership Forecast Series

Our robust assessments include a variety of scales that create profiles to reveal a person's reasoning skills, competencies, values, and leadership characteristics, helping HR and senior management understand the underlying sources of behaviors.

The power of assessments is created by the insightful and professional interpretation of results. Each assessment result is individually analyzed in-depth by a certified consultant and each assessed individual receives a personalized feedback session. The outcome is a practical and personal development plan designed to foster professional growth.

Multirater Assessment

(360 degree assessment)

Competencies are best measured by gathering survey-based behavioral feedback from direct reports, peers, managers, co-workers, customers, and other individuals and leaders can gain much needed insight into their behaviors. Our customized surveys are structured around behavioral competencies that measure on-the-job behavioral examples, actual “samples” of behavior, or ratings of job behavior. This can be accomplished online or by actual conversations with colleagues.

High Potential Inventory

This service provides the criteria, tools, and processes required to nominate and identify people with high leadership growth potential. A combination of technology and applied insight from our experts increases the accuracy and efficiency of the identification process. The process can be used in any organization, enabling hidden talent to be identified, executive failure to be minimized, and a stronger return on training investment to be realized.