Selection and
Leader Development

Looking at the Past to Predict the Future

Past conduct is a strong indicator of future performance. That is why our highly experienced consultants carry out in-depth behavioural interviews with candidates to explore patterns of behaviour and levels of self-awareness. They also look for evidence of learning and proof of past successes, to ensure we shortlist only the candidates who will best fit your organization. As a result of our Organization and Position Analysis, which identifies the key competencies of the position you seek to fill, the interviews we run with potential candidates are a direct reflection of your organization’s needs.

Using a blend of intuitive experience and the latest assessment technologies, StoneWood consultants rate candidates across five broad competency areas to provide an objective assessment of suitability for the position. Focusing on needs, interests, concerns and personality preferences, their aim is to find the right fit for both client and candidate.

StoneWood Potential ID™ — A Complete Assessment Package

The StoneWood Potential ID™ assessment system complements our competency identification and behavioural interviewing protocols to capture, integrate and evaluate evidence, so that you can make well-informed selection choices. It is a complete assessment package of tests that measure a candidate’s degree of fit with your organization. These tests gauge candidate ability, personality and motivation, and provide sound evidence that will help us make the best possible selection recommendations. Once the assessment is complete, both you and the candidate receive feedback from us highlighting key strengths and developmental areas, as well as recommendations for future success.

StoneWood CareerTrack™ — Developing Existing Talent

One of the key predictors of a leader’s success is the ability to evaluate personal strengths and limitations with objectivity. The StoneWood CareerTrack™ assessment system is designed to help senior executives reflect on their successes and identify areas for potential growth. Leaders meet one-on-one with senior StoneWood professionals to assess their career trajectory and identify how they can accomplish future career goals. They also take part in an assessment exercise, which results in a confidential feedback report identifying strengths and weaknesses and outlining concrete developmental activities designed to enhance future success.

The Importance of Integration

It’s our belief that executive search extends far beyond the selection process — which is why a StoneWood consultant won’t simply drop your successful candidate at the door. For us, an executive placement signals a switch in focus to the process of integration — making sure that both you and your new hire experience a smooth transition. We begin by outlining expectations with both parties, and concentrate on what the first 120 days together will look like. We discuss expectations, critical relationships and key performance measures. After the initial transition period, we
Deploy our unique online tool, 360⁰ to Success, which provides executives with invaluable feedback that will focus and leverage learning across ten key competency skill sets.

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