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The StoneWood executive search model is based on our unique appraisal of candidate competencies. Our Organization and Position Analysis helps us understand who you are looking for, revealing the key abilities that candidates must demonstrate in order to be successful in your organization. During this discovery phase, your StoneWood consultant digs deep into your structure, personnel, philosophy, successes, challenges and growth requirements. It’s how we find you the people with the right mix of skills, abilities, personality and motivation to ensure the success of your organization. It also allows us to take the guesswork out of selection and development decisions and offer you highly reliable and well-informed recommendations.

We have created a unique online tool, the StoneWood Profile Builder™, which is an essential part of our executive search process. Accessed via the client portal on the StoneWood Group website, the Profile Builder will help create a comprehensive Position Profile and selection guide for your executive search. Developed together with a leading industrial psychologist, our Profile Builder takes you through a series of systematic questions, designed to define the ideal candidate for your organization. The information gathered results in a ranked listing of desired candidate attributes, as well as a customized Behavioural-Based Interview Guide that will steer the selection process.

StoneWood Group Profile Builder™

See how the StoneWood Group's Profile Builder™ will help your firm develop the best job profile for the ideal candidate.

Extensive Search Resources

Our consultants, who have immeasurable experience of building both candidate and client relationships, identify executives from a number of different sources — drawing from their local, national and international networks of contacts, as well as highly methodical research and widespread access to extensive candidate databases.

As founding members of Access Search Partners, we have direct access to potential candidates throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. We also harvest executive data from over ten global sources, which our in-house team systematically manages for our consultants so they can access and leverage it quickly and effectively on your behalf.

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