Finding the Perfect Fit Through Executive Search and Selection

StoneWood Group is an executive search and selection company. Formed by consultants of different expertise and fields, we are one of the leading executive search firms in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver, Canada.

We provide our clients with the most innovative executive search and selection methodologies, customized client portal and industry expertise to find the perfect candidates for your organization.

What Are Your Executive Search Requirements?

Discovery is a particularly important phase of your executive search project. It’s how we learn about your organization, people, culture, business issues and goals. Your consultant will begin by discussing the critical business challenges you want to address through recruitment — quickly uncovering subtle organizational characteristics and the interplay of individuals, as well as issues. Previous industry experience gives our consultants a real understanding of performance requirements and challenges, so we can help you define the role and qualify the behavioural characteristics and competencies that will describe potential candidates.

How Does Our Executive Search Consultants Search For Top Candidates?

Our executive search consultants identify candidates using four primary sources:
  1. Their own professional networks of contacts and relationships
  2. The networks of their colleagues — regionally, nationally and internationally
  3. Highly systematic research
  4. Deep, proprietary, global candidate databases
Your StoneWood search consultant is always aware of the movement and availability of high quality talent in your sector. In addition to this personal database of talent, each of our consultants has immediate access to potential candidates throughout Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and the rest Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. We also invest heavily in data to ensure that the information we bring you is both current and deep. We aggregate data from over ten global sources of executive movement, which our in-house team filters and stores in such a way that our consultants can easily organize, access and leverage it for the benefit of our clients.

The way we approach candidates is key to a successful search, and it’s how we attract the best leaders to our client organizations. Your StoneWood consultant will present your opportunity in a compelling manner, articulating the context and nuances of the position. Given the background and seniority of our executive search consultants, candidates are able to speak openly, peer-to-peer, ensuring high-quality dialogue along with valuable insights — helping you build top-tier executive teams.

Who is the Right fit for Your Organization?

We strongly believe that the best predictor of future performance is past conduct. We explore patterns of behaviour, evidence of learning and levels of self-awareness. We also discover the contexts in which candidates have performed and succeeded in the past. Our executive search consultants pay close attention to how candidates have previously addressed business issues and organizational challenges like yours. And, along with behaviour-based interview assessments, we also believe in extensive referencing.

We use the latest assessment methodologies in combination with the incisive skills of our search consultants to find the right fit for both clients and candidates, making adjustments as the search progresses and new information reveals itself. Our consultants focus on needs, interests, concerns and personality preferences, and we advise you of the procedural, timing, and even interpersonal issues that can impact an executive search.