Senior Vice-President Supply Chain - Turnaround




Our client is a publicly traded aerospace company with operations across North America. As part of a growth strategy the organization recently completed two large acquisitions. While integration efforts proceeded well on most fronts, the firm’s supply chain activities struggled with the added complexity. When a major aerospace program was jeopardized by a parts shortage the organization responded.

The CEO centralized the firm’s supply chain function and created a new Senior Vice-President role to manage all procurement and materiel activities with a specific mandate to reorganize, rationalize and drive efficiencies throughout the organization’s various business units.


Consultants from our Aerospace practice met with the firm’s CEO and the Vice-President of Human Resources to gain an understanding of the context and issues to be addressed. The current North American supply chain capabilities were described in detail. Given the many business units across North America, the location of the new role was discussed relative to the CEO’s location and that of the firm’s more challenging facilities. The experience of the ideal candidate was outlined as were the performance measures and competencies required to deliver those results.

StoneWood’s consultants met with other key stakeholders to allow a full view of the role, its challenges and team. A draft profile was created and sent to the CEO and the VP of HR for approval.

Stonewood’s research team targeted world-class supply chain executives from the aerospace sector. Among the qualifications sought in the ideal candidate was experience in entering a complex situation, assessing the areas for improvement, mapping out a change program and decisively implementing those changes.


Leveraging its partner network, StoneWood’s consultants scoured the global aerospace community, identified 36 appropriately qualified executives and over the next several weeks found four with the experience being sought along with the willingness to relocate to our client’s city of choice. StoneWood’s consultants coordinated the interviews, and given the urgency, ensured that the process moved as quickly as possible. StoneWood worked with relocation experts to ensure that cost of living issues were considered so that compensation discussions with the candidate of choice could proceed quickly with the benefit of all of the necessary facts.

A candidate from the US was ultimately selected as the best fit for the role in question, an offer was made and within several weeks he was adding value to the challenges at hand.