Transparent and Participatory
Executive Search

An Enhanced Business Relationship

At StoneWood Group, we believe it is important for all our clients to have real-time access to information that is relevant to their executive search. It results in better decisions and a better client experience. That’s why we created the StoneWood Search Tracker™, an exceptional online tool that allows you to be an active participant in your executive search process. In addition to regular conference calls with your StoneWood consultant, you can track the progress of your project whenever you need to, simply by visiting the StoneWood Group client portal.

StoneWood Group Search Tracker™

Know exactly how your search is progressing and what your candidate pipeline looks like with Stonewood Group's innovative Search Tracker™ tool.

Dashboards, Scorecards and Blogs

The StoneWood Search Tracker™ allows you to view an up-to-the minute summary of the key metrics of your search and a synopsis of recruitment research, target companies, your candidate funnel and search status — along with resumes and interview assessments for each of the candidates shortlisted by StoneWood Group. You can also access your Position Profile — created using the StoneWood Profile Builder™ — and the resulting Behavioural-Based Interview Guide, which is unique to your organization.

Another great feature of the StoneWood Profile Builder™ is the Search Log. It’s the perfect way to get the latest market feedback, providing a focal point for your StoneWood consultant to share details with you about any knowledge that may influence your candidate search.

Informed and Adaptive

The best executive searches are defined by their ability to make adjustments as the search progresses and new information unfolds. With full visibility at every stage of the search process, you can be confident that the enviable combination of outstanding consultant insight, advanced search methods, precise assessment technologies and inspired online tools that characterize StoneWood Group will lead you to the candidate that best fits your requirements.