Worldwide Access

The Stonewood Group is a member  of Access Search Partners™ (ASP) a high performance partnership of five leading technology executive search firms that provide clients with specialist  search services on a global scale . With worldwide access, Stonewood Group is able to work with clients to achieve their goals against a wide variety of challenges. ASP 's core objective is to change the search industry and deliver real va lue to clients by offering a no compromise alternative to traditional search firms on an international level.

This relationship enables our firm to:
  1. Serve our clients' international search requirements .
  2. Reach potential candidates on both coasts and in other countries.
  3. Co-develop best-practice search methodologies.
  4. Cross reference candidates.

Our Global Partners

Schweichler Price Mullarkey & Barry (SPMB)
SPMB is the number one technology and energy search firm in San Francisco/Sil icon Valley .

Gillamor Steverns
Gillamor Stephens is a leading Executive Search company serving the European Technology , Online , and CleanTech (TOC) marketplace .

Polachi is a retained executive search firm providing Access Executive Search™ services to technology, clean tech, private equity and venture capital clients.

Talengy, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil is a leading Latin American search firm focused on the technology sector