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Talented individuals are the essential pulse, energy and conscience of an organization. Together, they propel and sustain the kind of performance that produces success. But the executive qualities that make an organization successful are not universal. For your business to thrive, it’s essential to find and develop key players who match your unique culture, circumstances and team.

Founded in 1981, StoneWood Group is a Canadian Executive Search firm, with offices in Toronto and Ottawa. Our hard work, persistence and keen understanding of how to identify, recruit and develop exceptional talent has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their goals. It has been our privilege to watch companies not only flourish, but also achieve tier-one status as a result of adding outstanding executive talent.

Our culture, which is boldly independent and entrepreneurial, extends to all of our office locations, where we combine specialized and local knowledge in the best interests of our clients. To serve you globally, we have collaborated with other highly successful, like-minded executive search firms in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. Together, Access Search Partners define executive search without compromise or borders.

StoneWood Group has a reputation for thought leadership, and our talented consultants are experts in their fields, drawing on extensive industry experience to help you make the best possible hiring decisions. They have access to deep international candidate databases, as well as unique search methodologies developed by leading industrial psychologists. Plus, they can introduce you to innovative behavioural-based interview techniques and resources that will help identify the candidate that’s right for you.

We are known for our close working relationships, and have developed a series of online tools that enable our clients to follow their executive search, as well as participate in it. We are told that this results in an exceptional client experience.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Stonewood Group is committed to contributing the overall social development of the countries that we work in. Employees are encouraged to volunteer in their communities and contribute to the charities and organizations that are important to them. StoneWood Group is also committed to developing and maintaining a sustainable and environmentally responsible mode of operation. We will comply with applicable environmental, health and safety rules, procedures, laws and accepted safe work practices. In addition, we will attempt, where possible, to make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions. Stonewood Group’s employees have a commitment to the protection of the environment.

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