A Leading Executive Search Firm In Canada

StoneWood Group Inc. is one of the leading Executive Search Firms in Canada. We specialize in executive search and recruiting in a variety of sectors, including the technology sector. Established in 1981, we excel in finding talented executive level candidates for our client organizations.

Defining the Best in Executive Search

Executive talent drives organizational success, so every hiring decision you make is critical to collective performance.

The search for talent - finding the ideal candidate and ensuring a perfect fit - is both an art and a science. It integrates the latest search methods, assessment technologies, online tracking tools and international databases. And combines the experience, wisdom and industry knowledge of specialized consultants.

This is how StoneWood Group defines excellence in executive search, and we are proud to have built exceptional client relationships on the strength of our services. Our consultants look forward to finding the very best leaders for your organization.

Our experience and expertise makes us one of the leading executive search firms in Canada.

Worldwide Access

We are a member of Access Search Partners, a global leader in executive search with offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.


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